MODAGRI plants was founded in 1982, in Modi of Thessalonica, by Aristeides Triantafyllou. It deals with nursery activities ornamental external plants production and selling, in exclusively wholesale disposal. With love and devotion to production plants, the company has gradually evolved from a small production unit to the largest market center in Northern Greece and the Balkans.

MODAGRI Plants was the first company that operated in an area of ​​virgin land for this kind of cultivation, with climatic conditions truly beneficial. Today it counts more than 500 acres of production on the ground, in pots and an exhibition area well organized.

In our company you will find the infrastructure that guarantees the immediate customer service, the organization that ensures consistency, but above all the experience that guarantees outstanding quality. The key feature of our products is quality, followed by the range of varieties and sizes of propagation material to large shrubs and trees, plants without risk of loss, with secure further growth.

Our long experience, our specialized know-how and also our adaptation to the ever-evolving production methods as well as nurture new techniques and ideas have as a result the appropriate procuration that provides the plants with the superior quality that makes them competitive to the products of most famous nurseries in the world.

In summary, the species are classified into:

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