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What is Modagri Plants?
MODAGRI Plants was founded in 1982, in Modi of Thessalonica, by Aristeides Triantafyllou. It deals with nursery activities ornamental external plants production and selling, in exclusively wholesale disposal. In our company you will find the infrastructure that guarantees the immediate customer service, the organization that ensures consistency, but above all the experience that guarantees outstanding quality.
Why can' t i pay by credit card?
It is our policy, since the first day of operation, that all economic transactions with our clients to be done via Bank deposits.
How soon will I receive my order?
The delivery of your order to the address you gave us, is immediately made after checking availability of products ordered (for which you will be informed by an email), within a period not exceeding three days.
Why there are no prices on products?
Our online store addressed only to professionals and only for wholesale purchases. To view product prices and make your order online, you have to be a registered member. To do so, just fill our newsletter form.
How will i become a member of Modagri Plants?
On our homepage, select input and complete the details for your registration. You can also choose to subscribe to our newsletter, to receive notifications for every new product or new offer of our online store.
How will I receive my invoice?
By successfully completing the order, you receive in your email a pre-order form of your purchase. The invoice is sent along with the products you ordered.

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